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Dec 31, 2009 7:00pm EST
at our united states marine corps leaders of the game. tracy smith leading all scorers with 14. scott wood hit two threes early but then wasn't heard from much the rest of the half. javier gonzalez with five points. brandon evans leading unc greensboro with eight. kyle randall with six points. sidney lowe talking to his team. trying to find the magic that they had early in the first half because they sure lost it in the last five or six minutes as unc greensboro made a great comeback. >> mike g.: and i love the energy that korey van dussen brought out there. i thought that was a big spark for them. defensively their zone was very active. nc state had a lot of problems with it. >> mike h.: we'll remind you for unc greensboro, two key players, mikko koivisto and pete brown are not available tonight. give uncg even more credit for what they've done hanging close here with nc state. spartans with just two wins on this season and nine losses. and, again, this is their fifth acc team that they have played. they'll play six in all. they play maryland on sunday. >> mike g.: w
Jan 21, 2010 6:30pm EST
, your nomination is here in front of the united states senate, and we will act on it as soon as you provide the information the senators have requested of you. and, by the way, the information that a federal judge, one federal judge has already ordered that you disclose. as soon as you comply with that, then your nomination shall have a vote in the united states senate. well, mr. president, i wanted to explain in more detail my response to people today who had asked me what i was going to do on that nomination. that, i think, gives adequate explanation. i also wanted to just comment briefly that the president today said something quite extraordinary, and i want to compliment him for it. i know that he's walking into a thicket of trouble here, because a whole lot of big interests are going to gang up on this, these proposals. but let me tell you the two proposals the president offered that make a lot of sense. number one, he says that big financial institutions in this country that are too big to fail are too big. well, that's pretty simple. if you are too big to fail, you're just fl
Jan 21, 2010 7:00pm EST
of usaid efforts on the part of the united states government to support aid efforts for the victims of the earthquake in haiti. based on that earthquake roughly 3 million people are estimated to be impacted, so what i would like to do this morning is give you a bigger picture if you will of the overall u.s. military efforts that are being taken to aid those victims. first, if we look at the airport because that is the place that we first focus their attention, while we were moving the the capability. the airport now supports roughly 120 to 140 flights a day, hand it has received over 840 flights during that time that it has been opened. because of this size and the magnitude of the assistance required, we have a waiting list of over 1400 flights waiting to t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3